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Welcome to one and only Bhiwadi Business Directory where we can help you to find business opportunities in Bhiwadi. If you are an owner of a firm/company Or providing any service in Bhiwadi or even outside Bhiwadi, follow the "Create your page" link to create your site to our directory and promote your business/service online.

Bhiwadi is an growing Industrial city in Rajasthan. It is also called "The Gateway of Rajasthan" and keeps you in touch with the world without the noise and pollution of a metro city. It is also known as a prime industrial hub of NCR and Rajasthan, Bhiwadi comprises of 3 industrial areas name Bhiwadi, Chopanki and Khushkera. This area is spread over approx. 5300 acres and at present around 1000 industries are operational.

Active Members

Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Pharmaceutical Formulations

Gracure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Deals in: Pharmaceutical Formulations Address: E - 1105, Phase - III, Industrial Area, Bhiwadi-301 019 Distt. Alwar (Raj.) ...

Within Bhiwadi

Bhandari Homoeopaths Pvt. Ltd.

Homoeopathic & Herbal Medicine

Bhandari Homoeopaths Pvt. Ltd., Deals in: Homoeopathic & Herbal Medicine, ENA, Lactose, Plants & Herbs, Laboratory Chemicals, Address: G-1/679, Rd. No. ...

Within Bhiwadi

Sant Aluminium (P) Ltd. (Export)

Aluminium Scrap & Ingots

Sant Aluminium (P) Ltd. (Export) Deals in: Aluminium Extruded Section & Alloy Address: E-340, Phase - I, Industrial Area, Bhiwadi-301 019, Distt. Alwa...

Within Bhiwadi

Mehru Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (Unit-II)

Copper Wire, Transformer Oil, CRGO CORE, M. S. Fabricated Tank Paper etc.

Mehru Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (Unit-II) Deals in: Current & Potential Transformer upto 400 KV.Resin Cast Type CT & PT's up to...

Within Bhiwadi

Pragjyoti Syntex Ltd.

Acrylic & Other Yarns & Colour TV Sets

Pragjyoti Syntex Ltd., Deals in: Acrylic & Other Yarns & Colour TV Sets, Address: SP-498, Rd. No. - 1, Phase-I, Industrial Area, Bhiwadi-301 019, Distt....

Within Bhiwadi

Alpha Woven Labels (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Computerised Embroidery Laces

Alpha Woven Labels (I) Pvt. Ltd., Deals in: Computerised Embroidery Laces, Address: B -1127, Rd. No. 20B, Phase - III Industrial Area, Bhiwadi - 301 019, Distt ...

Within Bhiwadi

Pitambar Coated Papers Ltd.

Wood Pulp, Waste Paper and Chemicals

Pitambar Coated Papers Ltd. Deals in: "SUPER Cote" Chromo Paper / Art Paper , Board, Maplitho & Photocopies Paper Address: A-912, Phase-III, Industria...

Within Bhiwadi

Vampsun E-Secure & Solution


Vampsun E-Secure & Solution is an organization with a passion for cutting edge communication technology. It is the passion that has made us a pioneer provid...

Within Bhiwadi

Fun Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Mayonaise, Spreeds, Salad Dressings Chutneys and Souces

Fun Foods Pvt. Ltd., Deals in: Mayonaise, Spreeds, Salad Dressings Chutneys and Souces, Vagetable Oil, Tomato Paste,SMP, Invert Syrup Liquid Glucose etc., Addre...

Within Bhiwadi

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (Unit : Balkrishna Tyres)

Natural & Synthetic Rubber, Rubber Chemicals etc.

Balkrishna Industries Ltd. (Unit : Balkrishna Tyres) Deals in: Off. Highway Tyre Address: A-300-303 & E-308-313, Industrial Area, Chopanki, Distt.: Al...

Within Bhiwadi